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FAQ CHASSIS: Q. I noticed a "notch" when I swing my handlebars from side to side with the front wheel raised. Is this bad? A. It is an indication of worn out steering head bearings. Most replace the current ball bearings with tapered roller bearings for better life and control.

Q. How much grease should I put in the Zerk fitting on the rear shaft? A. Four to five pumps of a regular grease gun should be sufficient, a couple more for the smaller sized guns. 1979 CX Custom manual: (20cc's of grease every 7500 miles.)

Q. What is this H box that always gets referred to? CX GL H box inside.jpg

A. Honda calls it a pre chamber, it is located under the engine and the headers enter the front, the exhaust is mixed inside, and the mufflers exit it.

Q. How do I remove the rear seat on my GL? A. There are handles at the rear of seat sides that can be unlocked and rotated forward, while slightly depressing the seat. At the 12:00 position, the seat will unlatch.

Q. How do I remove the seat on my CX? A. There should be two bolts with 12 mm heads about 3/4 back under the seat on the sides. Remove them and slide the seat back a bit.

Q. How do I remove the gas tank on my CX? A. Two chrome bolts under the front of the tank need to be removed. Then another at the rear of the tank under the seat. Undo the fuel line first.

Q. How do I remove the gas tank on my GL? A. Remove seat, bolt at rear of tank, and fuel line. Slide tank rearward while holding up the tank at the front.


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