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FAQ COOLING: Q. How do I remove the radiator fan? A: Purchase a M14x1.5 bolt about 2" long. Remove original attachment bolt and washer and thread larger bolt into fan hub. This will push the fan off the tapered shaft.

Q. What do I use for a fan puller bolt? A: M14 x 1.5 about 2 inches long. Or in a emergency,on some models, the front axle could be used but not recommended. The axle does not allow enough thread engagement because of the taper on end and might strip out the threads in the fan hub.

Q. There is a brown stain and what appears to be coolant under my carbs, mostly on the left side. What is causing this? A. There is a weep hole for the water pump seal to expel any coolant that gets past the seal. Sometimes these will seal after a few miles of riding. If not, then a seal replacement is in order. There is a way to do this without dropping the engine. We call it "Shep's Method".

Q. Where can I get replacement radiator hoses for my Twisted Twin? A. Napa has a hose that both hoses can be cut out of. More information here: Twisted Twin radiator hose


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