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BACK TO FAQ BACK TO HOME Q. I'm new, and can't figure out some of the abbreviations that are used, can someone help? A. PO= previous owner, OP= original poster, MC=master cylinder, AGATT= all the gear, all the time, TDC = Top Dead Center, LOL= laughing out loud, OZ = Australia,

Q. I just bought a HONDA CX/GL motorcycle what should I check on this bike? New bike checklist Quick Reference on the Forums

Q. What kind of gas mileage can I expect? A. This will vary depending on the rider, tune of the bike, and conditions. 45 - 55 mpg (US gallons) is the general range.

Q. What is the top speed for the CX500 models? A. The manufacture stated top speed was 105 MPH. Your mileage/speed will vary.

Q. I am afraid to ride my bike above 60 MPH, the RPM's seem much too high. Concerns? A. These bikes have a short pushrod engine (Less moving mass in the valve train.) that can run all day at 7000+ RPM's. These bikes just love to do it to spite the Harleys.

Q. I'm a little paranoid, why does everyone want to know my location and bike's model on this forum? A. It isn't to send in the black helicopters. Your bikes model identifies different types of systems that were used. We can better respond if we know your model. Your location is important as there are many members who will gladly help out someone if they just knew they were close. Also, depending the country the bike was sold, it may have different features.

Q. When I have the bike running on the center stand in gear, the rear wheel turns even with the clutch pulled. Is this normal? A. Yes, the clutch disks have a oil film on them that contacts adjacent disks and carries them along. Similar to a torque converter.

Q. What is a tank slapper? A. A violent oscillation of the handlebars from one stop to the other while the bike is traveling at a high speed. Also a "happy" redneck sitting on his bike while listening to country music at a beer fest. Pneumatic dampers can control the first, only time can help the second condition.

Q. I noticed that there is very little vulgar language used on this forum, are you guys a bunch of religious zealots? A. Most members have an adequate supply of these words available, but choose not to advertise their immaturity by using language that doesn't convey any pertinent information about the subject being discussed.

Q. Will my bike start when it is in gear? A. There is a safety system that does allow this if the clutch is activated. A diode in the system provides for this option..

Q. I went to the Honda dealer and found that some of the parts I want are NAL (No Longer Available). Where can I find parts for these bikes? A. Here's a list from this thread: gopid118874#entry118874 CX/GL 500 forum

Q. I have a threaded bolt hole that the threads are stripped out. How can I repair this? A. Here's a link to the forum on installing a thread repair insert. [repair by installing an insert.].


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