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FAQ ELECTRICAL: Q. I just converted to LED turn signals and now they don't flash, what do I do? A. The flasher is dependent on a larger current than the LED's draw to flash. Easiest solution is to buy a electronic flasher at a auto supply store.

Q. What is that extra loose green wire next to the signal flasher can for? A. It is a ground wire that most flasher cans do not require. Just leave it hang there.

Q. How do I know if my charging system is working? A. Using a voltmeter set to 20 volts, DC, measure the voltage at the battery with the bike at 2-3000 RPM. With a good battery, you should see 14.3+ volts, but not over 15 volts.

Q. What is this CDI thing I keep hearing being referred to? A. It stands for Capacitive Discharge Ignition. It consists of a box under the seat that was used on all CX's from 1978 thru 1981. It generates the pulse to the coils at the proper time. Later CX's and all GL models use a TAI system which is proven to be more reliable. FAQ IGNITION

Q. My front turn signals are always on. They do flash brighter when I signal, what should I do? A. Enjoy your ride, everything is normal. These are front "running" lights with a built-in turn signal.

Q. My headlight goes out when I push the starter button, what is wrong? A. They are designed to turn off when the starter button is depressed. That allows maximum current to be directed to the starter and ignition.

Q. What is the purpose of the 7 volt voltage regulator for the temp gage? A. If the voltage varied as much as the battery voltage, there would never be a accurate reference for the gage to use, and readings would vary.

Q. When I push the starter button, all I get is a loud click from under the left hand side cover. What is wrong? A. Most probably the solenoid is bad. It is simply a heavy duty switch that uses a small current from the starter button to energize a internal coil that pulls large contacts together. These contacts transfer the 60+ amps from the positive battery cable to the starting motor cable. Here's a link on repairing solenoids. Starter solenoid repair (not Honda)

Q. Can I jump start my bike from a auto? A. Sure, 12 volts is 12 volts. Most recommend not having the car running during this process.

Q. What exactly is a "Stator"? A. The stator is the stationary (get it?) part of the alternator. It resides in the rear engine case and is composed of multiple wire coils. Magnets in the flywheel rotating past these coils generates AC electrical current to charge the battery, and in the CX model provide ignition current.

Q. My tail and brake light on my CX650 have both quit at the same time, what happened? A. There is a special module on the CX650's to alert you to the lamps being out. Here is a link to a remedy if this is your problem.


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