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FAQ GAUGES: Q. Speedo/Tach ratios? A: Most vintage Honda"s have the same tach and speedometer ratios. Speedo ratio is 2240=60mph. Tach is 1:4. On the CX"s, you are going approximately 11 MPH per 1000 RPM.

Q. How can I get inside my speedometer or tach? A. Preferred way is to use a Dremel type thin cutoff wheel to cut through the chrome band at the bottom. The case halves will now separate. To restore, use a twist wire thru small holes you drill in the end of the band, or glue band back, using tape or clamp to hold until set.

Q. How does a speedometer show speeds? A. There are two half balls nested inside each other. One is magnetic and when turned by the speedo cable, it tries to rotate the other one that is connected to the needle. By using gears and springs, this rotation moves the needle appropriate to the actual speed.

Q. I removed my tach drive from the front of the engine to fix a leak, and now I can't get it to go back. What do I do? A. The valves are holding the cam down slightly. Rotate the engine with the 17mm nut while coaxing the drive back in. At one spot it will go.

Q. I have a 79 CX and the oil light comes on when I apply the brakes. What should I do? A. This model only had a built-in sensor that lit the oil light if one of the rear brake bulbs were not operating, and the brakes were applied.


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