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Q. Can I replace the HT plug wires (Spark Plug wires) on a GL series bike? A. Yes, solid core copper wire is available from most auto part stores. Simply unscrew the old wire out of the connectors and turn in the new wire.

Q. My plug cap is missing a chunk out of the bottom, should I replace it? A. Yes, the high voltage current (30,000+) can leak to the engine case and cause misfires and other problems.

Q. Can a sparkplug be showing a good spark outside of the cylinder, but not fire when installed? A. Yes, the pressure of compression can affect the spark inside the cylinder. Complete process is still under study here.

Q. Are the left and right coils interchangeable? A. Yes, the only difference is the color of the lead wire going to them.

Q. I keep hearing about this Ignitech thing. What exactly does it do? A. It is a replacement for the CDI box on 78-81 CX models only. It draws power from the battery to provide ignition pulses to the coils. The dedicated high and low speed windings in the stator are no longer used. It solves both CDI and high & low speed stator winding problems. (gopid106475#entry106475 LINK to forum of an Ignitech install.) A downside to installing an Ignitech is the ignition relies on the battery for power. The bike can not be push started with a dead battery with an Ignitech as it can with a CDI.

Q. So where do I get one of these Ignitech boxes? A. A member that has the screen name Cobram, has organized group buys in the past. Contact him by PM, or watch for posts in the Buying/Selling section. Cost will vary by number ordered, but expect group buys to be in the $175 range, vs $250 for a direct buy.

Q. What part of the ignition system has to be working for an Ignitech box to work? A. The coils, plug wires, plug caps, and plugs are not changed. Also the two pulsar coils that pick up a position signal from the flywheel must remain. If your battery doesn't charge, the ignition will die along with the lights, gauges, etc as the battery now supplies the current to the Ignitech. [p203190#entry203190|Link to forum with information about the G47 Stator while using the Ignitech] <---Read if you ever want to go back to a stock CDI box.

Q. Is there any difference between the black and the gold CDI boxes? A. None that we are aware of, either will substitute for the other. The gold color is generally found on the earlier bikes.


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