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How the CX GL came into being

Lengths, weights, other specs

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GL Disassembly Photos

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CX650 Info Site

The Infamous CX500 article from Modern Rarities Magazine:

The Infamous CX500


Before joining a forum please read the following

Profile Setup and Hints

by Blindstitch2002 » Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:32 am

To our new members. This is a great place to be part of and get all the help needed to maintain or resurrect a bike from the dead.

But before you get into all of that there are a few things you should know. Before joining a forum

  • Location is important. Put it in your profile.

This is a big forum and the world is a big place. So if your in Europe and ask for new muffler suggestions and we say get some Harley take offs that's not going to really help you seeing as over in the U.S. you can get a set for $20 where as the equivalent in Europe might be a lot more.

Also if you say you want to buy a tire for under $100 and want a good one location plays a good deal on currency. Dollars, pounds, loonie, whatever....

  • Put the type of bike you have in your signature line.

We may share a common title CX or GL but they aren't all the same. Yes they belong to the same family and look similar but there are differences. So if you say "I need a new coil" there are CDI bikes and TI bikes and the parts don't work interchanged. So if you put the bike type, year, and style in your signature we won't have to ask you what you have.

  • When you start a post title it something related to your problem.

When you start a new post don't put "I need Help" in the subject line. Everyone needs help. A better subject line would be "Bike running on one cylinder" or "Rear brake Squeal"

Then in the message explain exactly what is happening or you think is happening. If it happens at a certain rpm or something. All the informative details you can give.

  • If nobody replies.

If nobody replies give it some time or add some more info. We work on our own times and not everyone knows everything about these bikes. So be patient as the guy that knows the answer might be in bed or still at work but we are here to help. If the post starts crawling down the page with no posts just bump it up to the top.

  • Enjoy the Forum.

Keep the language clean and try not to be offensive. We moderate ourselves and are a pretty friendly bunch so enjoy.

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