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Here is a list of specs that are always needed, but sometimes hard to find: (Feel free to make any additions or corrections to this list.)

Oil Capacity: with filter change-2.6 US quarts

Coolant Capacity: 1.9 US quarts

Fuel Capacity: CX Deluxe-4.5 US gal, CX custom-2.9 US gal, GL-4.5 US gal, CX650-3.28 US gal

Final Drive Oil: 5.8 oz of 80/90 Hypoid gear oil

Sparkplug Gap: 0.024 - 0.028"

Idle Speed: 1,100 RPM, plus or minus 100 RPM

Clutch Lever Freeplay: 3/8 - 3/4" at the lever end

Rear Brake Freeplay: 3/4 - 1-1/4" at end of pedal

Valve clearance: CX Model - 0.003" for intake, 0.004 exhaust. 1983 models - 0.004 intake, 0.005 exhaust

Bulbs: Tail/Stop -SAE1157, front turn-1034, rear turn-1073, indicator & guage- #57 SAE (83 models use #158 indicator)

Tire Pressures: Check your frame sticker or manual for specifics.

Fork capacities: Check your manual, varies by models.

Compression: 171 PSI, plus or minus 28 PSI, with each cylinder within 10% of each other

Float level: 15.5 mm measured from carb flange to top of float with float touching but not compressing spring in valve Pilot screw: 2-1/2 turns out from lightly seated Vacuum difference between carbs: 1.6" of Hg maximum Driveshaft Zerk: 20 cc or 1.2 cu" (about 4 pumps on a grease gun) lithium multi purpose grease every 7500 miles

Length of new starter clutch springs: 37.7 - 38 mm

Rear Case Gasket Thickness (If you want to cut your own)

Torque Values throughout the bike Wiring Diagrams for all Models, in Color on Separate Pages Paint Codes for Honda Bikes Size of Thrust Washer on gear shift & starter gear. Link to fuel usage conversion calculator. Color of wires and where they go Lengths, weight, and other specs for the CX & GL models

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