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Headlight Modulator Plans

Headlight modulator plans

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After seeing these modulators on the road, and really SEEING them, I believe they are a great, innovative safety feature. I know their nothing new, but around here, they are gaining steam, and for good reason. The most popular reason for bike fatalities is oncoming people turning left I'm front of you because "they didn't see you". These things seem to really help that. Anyway, at the end of last season, I bought plans for 15 bucks off of Ebay to build one of them myself, and built it. I haven't installed it I'm the bike yet, but I did test it to ensure functionality. the parts cost me about 25 bucks. If anyone wants the plans, just get me your email address and I'll flip them to you!! Anything to help keep our beautiful bike, and more importantly ourselves safely on the pavement.

BE AWARE... MY state allows, and encourages them, as do most states. I don't know if yours will! My state in particular doesn't require a photo cell to shut it of at dusk, they only require that you don't use it after dusk, so I put a toggle stitch on mine to turn it off/on. If you're required to have a automatic photo cell, the price to build yours may go up. Ride safe guys

Hello Dave.

Thanks for your purchase. Good luck and happy soldering as I have received lots of good feedback from the many folks who have put these things together.

Feel free to share the plans with anyone who is interrested.

Best regards, Tim , 11thgen at eBay, [email protected]

P.S. The photos are of the original one a friend built for me in 1980. See the Item's page for the newest transistor (much smaller).

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