Vacuum actuated petcock rebuild

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The images from this page were broken on the old Wiki.

CX/GL forum member sweetbeatsrebuilds his vacuum actuated petcock on his '81 CX 500 Custom. Here's a link to the original thread on the forum: [is there fuel seeping around my petcock lever?]

Drilled the rivets out of the petcock lever cover:

800x1066px Drilled through with a tap bit for M3 machine screws (note one hole is blind if you're gonna do this, but there is plenty meat in the petcock housing such that you needn't worry about not having enough depth of material available to tap your threads even if you don't have a bottoming tap):

800x1066px I gently pried the cover off and quickly discovered at least one reason why fuel was seeping around the lever:

800x1066px I'd have just replaced the o-ring, but it has kind of a square clover-leaf profile, so I got out the super-glue and put this one back together. We'll see how long it lasts, and then I'll get a regular round o-ring.

800x1066px Anyway, tapped the holes, cleaned everything up, flipped the rubber disc over as suggested earlier in the thread, and put it back together.

800x1066px Back together


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