CDI Ignition Test

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CDI IGNITION TEST Testing for a lost spark is, or should be, a matter of moments.

Get a meter, lift the seat, open the 2 way connector and read the resistance between the blue and white wires and white wire and ground. Link to Using a Multimeter.

    • Testing the stator.

From the stator, not the CDI. Blue wire to White wire 77-95 OHMsWhite wire to Ground 387-487 OHMs If that looks ok reconnect the plug. Open the black/white kill switch connector from CDI to bars and both yellow and pink coil LT (low tension or low voltage) ones too.

Set the digital meter to read DC VOLTS on in the 250V range clamp black probe to ground then test the yellow and pink in turn by sticking the red prove ion each as you crank the motor on the button for a few seconds. I'd expect to see >150 VDC flicker on the display with a good CDI box.I've seen as low as 6VDC on a failed unit.

If it looks ok, test again with the kill switch wire connected up and the switch in the Run position. If you don't get the same results the kill switch is probably shorting to ground.


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