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Here are some links that you may find useful to order OEM or aftermarket parts. I have not ordered from all of these, but from conversations on the forum, believe that all are reputable. There will be some differences in pricing, I will note the price of a CX/GL cam chain as a reference from as many of the sites as possible. These are current as of 2/3/2012, and do not include shipping, so do your own checking in that regard as to the cost to your door.

==URL and Comments== Cam Chain Price

(if available)


This site is generally the least expensive. It has a reverse part number look up.

2 [[1]] 72.00



Aftermarket parts site, with some good prices. I have not been disappointed in their quality


This site has a relationship with the CX/GL forum and has offered a 10% discount in the past to members. You need to Attn: John and indicate you are a forum member. It does have a reverse part number look up.

5 [[2]]

Don't know much about this one. It has a reverse part number cross reference


A well known site, not the least expensive though. Has a reverse parts number lookup.


Another site some have used.


A decent site to buy tires, accessories and aftermarket parts.


A aftermarket site, very well respected, and has complete carb kits for our bikes.


David Silver Spares UK address


David Silver Spares, US address


There have been numerous posts about Old Bike Barn not shipping promptly. Sometimes taking several months to receive a shipment. We therefore do NOT recommend them as a current supplier for our bikes.

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