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Repairing a fusebox

By CustomKen of the OZ forum. Slightly edited from theoriginal posting.

Hi all, recently Norris asked me to fix a fusebox for his CX650 Custom. (Well, truthfully he asked a while ago, I've just got 'round to it.) I figure this would be a reasonably common problem so others may be interested. The fusebox is above the handlebars, under a cover. It had broken tabs on the clips that hold the fuses, and we wanted to maintain the original profile so that the cover will still fit. First photo shows the original, removed from the bike. The clips tend to fracture from age and stress.


Second photo shows all connections removed from the plastic holder. One end of the fuses is on a common bar from 12v supply.


These are a standard 3AG fuse, so I obtained some generic holders from Dick Smith electronics. I used the Dremel to remove the rivets holdings the new clips to the insulating board, then removed the solder tab from the clips, also shown in the second photo.

Found a couple more photos. big_hug.gif

First shows the old tabs prepared by cutting off any remaining "ears" and drilling a hole to suit a pop rivet, and the underside of the fusebox with two already fixed in place. Use soft aluminium pop rivets.


The new holders are also drilled to suit the pop rivet. Note the the new holders I used had small "tabs" which are meant to stop the fuse sliding out sideways, these would need to be set to face out from the fuse where the new holders are mounted.

The old tabs are placed in the original position (make sure they match the labels) underneath the fuse box while the new holders are positioned from the top side of the fusebox over the old tabs.


The pop rivet is then inserted from the lower side and clinched to hold new and old together.

The red goop is just to stop corrosion in the rivet between the dissimilar metals.

Next photo show a top view of the fusebox with completed new holders.


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