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Sometimes you need to make a part from scratch. Before cutting steel it is best to template the part, either with card stock or manila folder, or, as I usually use for anything that needs bends rather than folds, aluminium [aluminum] roof flashing. This will take and hold any bend you need. These side cover brackets are a good example, especially the front one.

The beauty of templating is that it allows you to zero in on the required shape by trial and error without much expenditure in time or materials. Having got the template right you need only trace onto your material [the sidecover brackets are .6mm steel] and cut, grind, drill, file etc.

I also like to make my muffler brackets from sheet alloy rather than use the straps. Templating again comes in handy here. Instrument brackets, headlight brackets, - even headlight buckets can be patterned and made this way. Ditto the mounts for your bobber/cafe/thingys' relocated electricals.

The actual making of the sidecover brackets will be covered elsewhere in this section.

Rear template and finished part.

Templating tutorial

Front template and steel copy ready for bending.

Templating tutorial

Finished items fitted to frame.

Templating tutorial


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