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The original Com-Star wheels combine the flexibility of spoked wheels (without the maintenance burden) with the strength and tubeless characteristics of one-piece wheels. This was one of the first production motorcycles to be equipped with tubeless tires along with the CBX six. Honda introduced the Com-Star wheels a year or so earlier on the CB250T/400T Dream as well as on the CB750F2 and GL1000 Gold Wing, although these featured standard rims that demanded inner tubes to be used.

The 1978 CX500 Standard had silver Comstar wheels, 19 inch in front and 18 inch in the rear. On the 1982 CX500EC the wheels are also modified, with an 18-inch-diameter (460 mm) restyled round hole comstar front with a 100–90H18 tyre, whilst on the rear is a 120–80H18 tyre.

The "Deluxe" model appeared in 1979 with black reversed Com Star wheels - 19 inch front and 16 inch rear.

Eurosport and Turbo Variants:

The "Eurosport" models first appeared in 1982 (CX500E, followed in 1983 with the CX650E) featuring an 18 x 2.5 inch front and rear rim. On the 650 Eurosports, the Rear rim can be exchanged with a 17 x 2.75 from a CX650 Turbo.

"Turbo" models feature an 18 x 2.5" front rim with a 17 x 2.75" rear.

Tires/Tyres sizes:

The CX500A/C/D and GL500 all use the same front tire, size 100/90-19 (interesting fact- you can get big paddle-type tires in this size in case you want to race in mud or sand). The 78-79 models use a 110-90/18 rear. The GL500 and Custom models all use a 130-90/16 rear. Be aware that 130-90/16 FRONT tires are also out there for some Harley models, and you don’t want to get those.

Stock Eurosport tires are 100/90/18 front, 120/90/18 Rear.

Stock Turbo Tires are 100/90/18 front, 120/90/17 Rear.

      • Note: Many Turbo Owners run 110/80/18 or 110/90/18 Front, 130/80/17 or 130/90/17 rear.

Each set up has distinct advantages, disadvantages, and changes to handling characteristics.

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