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Triple Bypass

This is a procedure which addresses three common wear/fault areas on the CX500s - stator, mechanical seal and cam chain. See the separate page:

Triple Bypass

1978 Cam Chain recall

The recall addressed.

The recall was ONLY for 1978 Standards, so you shouldn't have any marks on a 1979 or any newer models.

Recall info

As you can see we have north american data and not any recall data from Honda.

This recall was forced on Honda by the American and Canadian safety bureaus. It is not clear if Honda themselves ever issued a recall.

Early 1978 Timing Components

Many people have heard about early failure of the timing components on the CX. (Bikes effected by recall up to engine number CX500E 2034366) Here is an example of the early 1978 timing chain.

Cam Chain Inspection

See separate page.

Cam chain inspection

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