How to Remove the transmission without dropping the engine

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NOTE: This method will not work on normally aspirated CX/GL engines. Timothy D's bike is a CX500 Turbo but I will not vouch for the method working on them either until someone else verifies that it will work.

I tried for over an hour, jiggling & turning my 650's transmission and messing with the shift pedal but could not get the transmission to move forward more than an inch. When I finally gave up, took the engine out of the frame and removed the rear cover I realized that lifting the linkage was not enough and the stopper arm had to be disengaged to free the shift drum.

The stopper arm will not move far enough to disengage so it has to be removed. That tool will not undo an M6 bolt, let alone screw it back in afterward. One more thing: If you were able to get the transmission out this way it is quite likely that the output shaft collar could come out of the final shaft and fall down too. Sidecar Bob

CX500 / CX650 in-bike Transmission removal and replacement tool.

Courtesy of Timothy D

This pricey little tool can save you from hours of labor when replacing transmissions in all CX and GL models. Worth its weight in gold, and will only cost you a wire coat hanger.


This is how it is used.

What you have to imagine is that there is a spring that holds everything in place. Lift the spring, transmission drops out simply.

The only trick is shims. However, it is so easy to drop and replace the transmission with this tool that shims aren't a problem. My mechanic did this to Racer about 1000 miles ago, and I have had no problems at all.


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