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This is link to a diagram of a typical CX model using the CDI ignition: CX CDI ignition wiring diagram (outside link)

Here is a quick primer from Tony G, on how to read wiring diagrams and what does what on the ignition/charging circuit.

I am uploading a modified schematic that I cut everything out of that is not related to the starter and charging circuit. I hope you do not get offended by the lengthy explanation. The idea is for you to see how to trace a circuit on the schematic. If I over explain please understand I do not know your level of knowledge and I want it to be clear. The idea is you learn how to do this so you can help others later.




1982 CX500C, 81-82 GL500

1982 GL500I

1981 GL500I

1978 CX500

This is everything that has to do with turning the starter and charging the battery and nothing extra. You will have to learn to trace these wires and ignore the confusion if you want to learn to read the schematics. On this one you see the battery connects directly to the solenoid (red wire) and the solenoid connects to the ignition switch after a 30 amp fuse (also red wire) You will see that the ignition switch has a black wire that comes out and goes to the starter switch, that black wire is battery voltage after the ignition switch it goes all over the place. If you look at the ignition switch the row that says ON has a line connecting little black dots in the columns with the red and black wires. the black line and dots inside the switch indicate that those are shorted when the switch is in the on position. This is how switches are commonly represented on schematics. If you look at the starter switch you will see that the black wire is shorted to the (looks like) red and orange wire when it is pressed. The red/orange wire connects to the starter solenoid. if you follow the other wire (red/green) out of the solenoid you see it connects to the neutral safety switch, the diode, and the starter disconnect switch. If those are all good the (red/green) wire will have 0 vdc (called ground) and when the starter switch is pressed the solenoid will be engaged. When the solenoid is engaged it allows battery current to flow to the starter. When you look at the starter you see one wire (red) going into it but on the other side there is a heavy black line that connects to what looks like an upside-down christmas tree. That is called a GROUND symbol. Those are commonly called earth grounds but that just means they connect to the frame with a short and commonly very heavy gauge of wire. Most other grounds on the bike are carried through the GREEN wire that you see also has a ground symbol on it. There are a lot of green wires and they all are ground connections. That is why I believe that the wires you are showing are grounds.

Whrnyou are tracing the wires through the schematic you will see places where wires cross and there is no black dot. These wires are not connected electrically. If you see two wires and there is a black dot at the point of the crossing it represents an electrical connection between those wires,

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