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This is for the USA Custom model.

Here is what forum member Murrayf does when the tail control module fails on CX650s

Bypassing the tail light module relay

If the tail lamp control module on a cx650 or other equipped Hondas (Ascots is another bike that uses this module) is bad or intermittent, the rear running light won't work or the brake light may not work or the indicator lamp on the dash will stay on, indicating the bulb is bad, even if the tail lamp bulbs are good and working.

Here is what he does to get rid of the problem which allows the bike to be put back to stock at a later date.

With the bike off, unplug the tail control module. Cut the pigtail harness off the tail lamp control module leaving enough wire at the plug to work with.

Bare/strip the 2 brown wires and the black yellow wire (these are the running lights) and solder. Use heat shrink to seal and isolate.

Bare/strip the 2 green with yellow tracer wire and solder these together (these are the brake lights). Apply heat shrink.

Use some more heat shrink so all the rest of the wires do not touch together and cause problems.

Tape it up and plug it back into the main harness.

The tail lamps will now light and the dash warning bulb won't come on any more.

Using the pigtail from the bad module allows you the option of just plugging in a good one if you find it and returning the bike to stock.

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