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This is a oft asked question: I need a key to my bike, how do I get it? Every Honda cylinder has a 3 number code stamped on it. Most locksmiths can cut a new key from this code. Some want verification that you own the bike, tho. The cost is usually between $10-20, and only take a couple of minutes. If you can bring the cylinder in with you, the operation of the lock can be verified on the spot. I have had several cut locally, and remember them being about $16, for two identical keys.

Here is a post from murray on a forum member you also can help you out. I doubt he gets rich on this business, so maybe show your appreciation with a tip too.

call Jim let him know you are a forum member

12 bucks and he will get you going

a word of caution Jim gets it right every time I put my glasses on and read him the correct numbers off the lock, lol, so be careful.

His phone # is (two zero seven) 230-4667,

e-mail is [[1]] and here is a link to his website: Absolute Lock and Key

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