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Recommended Parts


Battery Options

Clutch Springs

Clutch spring kit recommendations

Ignition Coils

Someone add content please?

Water pump seal

that may work (Low cost)

US Seal | PUMP SEAL PS-142 | PS-142 US Seal | PUMP SEAL PS-142 | PS-142

   US Seal | PUMP SEAL PS-142 | PS-142

US Seal $12.36 SKU: PS-142 Weight: 1.00 LBS Availability: In Stock and Ready to Ship!!!

Valve stem seals

Viton valve stem seals These seals are high quality, and stay very pliable after many heat cycles, unlike the stock Honda ones.

Recommended Tools

A digital camera is a great tool. It makes your forum questions easier to answer if we can see what you are talking about. It is also a great aid to memory to take photos as you take things apart.


Japanese Industrial Standard...Say What?

Here's some info on why you might be stripping a lot of screws on your carbs: JIS screw and driver info

Gear Reviews

Honda Special Tool 07999-4150000


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