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Here is some info I ran across on Honda paint codes for bikes.

And here is a link that shows the approximate color chip.

These are from Colorite

Manufacturer's Code Paint Name Comment Color Chip
^ B127M Commodore Blue-Green
^ B128M Triton Blue
^ B131 Pear Presto Blue
^ B134M Barbados Blue Metallic
^ B135M Laguna Blue Metallic Insert Color
^ B138M South Pacific Blue Metallic
^ B140P Coral Reef Blue Metallic
^ B142P Pearl Atlantis Blue
^ B158P Pearl Bering Blue
^ B170 Tiffanic Blue (Sky Blue)
^ BG101P Pearl Bermuda Green
^ BG106 Pearl Salem Mint
^ G125 Black-Green Pearl
^ G156P Pearl Sierra Green
^ G159P Pearl Sonoma Green
^ G160P Pearl Jade Green
^ G167 Pearl Merced Green
^ G185R Kiwi
^ GY Matte Uranium Requires Eggshell Clearcoat
^ GY118P Pearl Vermont Green
^ GY119P Pearl Olive Green
^ GY122 Pearl Uranium Green
^ NH104MU Pleides Silver Metallic
^ NH105 Mat Black
^ NH118 Sterling Silver
^ NH124 Achilles Black
^ NH132M Max Silver
^ NH138 Shasta White
^ NH146M Accurate Silver Metallic
^ NH152 Trophy Silver
^ NH167M Silver Gray
^ NH178 Amythst Gray
^ NH193P Pearl Crystal White
^ NH196 Ross White
^ NH1Z Gloss Black
^ NH206M Medium Gray Metallic
^ NH215M Phantom Gray Metallic
^ NH251P Pearl Pacific White
^ NH253M Ocean Gray Metallic
^ NH254M Blitz Gray Metallic
^ NH259M Seed Silver
^ NH262M Terra Silver
^ NH264M Checker Black
^ NH275M Eagle Silver Metallic Insert Color
^ NH276 Rime Gray
^ NH287M Zeus Silver
^ NH292M Griffen Gray Metallic
^ NH295M Sparkling Silver
^ NH303 Mat Axis Gray Silver on Camo Model
^ NH303M Mat Axis Gray Requires Eggshell Clearcoat
^ NH319M Cascade Silver Metallic
^ NH326M Pearl Glacier White
^ NH340M Ostrich Black Metallic
^ NH341 Pearl Fadeless White
^ NH359 Mute Black Metallic
^ NH373 Boon Silver
^ NH374M Pearl Saphire Black
^ NH377M Core Black Metallic Frame Color
^ NH389M Matte Bullet Metallic
^ NH390M Pearl Twilight Silver
^ NH396 Pearl Antique White
^ NH411M Force Silver Metallic
^ NH431M Indy Gray Metallic
^ NH433 Pearl Halcyon Silver
^ NH436 Asphalt
^ NH451M Orion Silver Metallic
^ NH452M Pearl Alpine White
^ NH456M Silver Metallic Frame Color (Requires Eggshell Clearcoat)
^ NH463M Darkness Black
^ NH469M Stream Silver Metallic
^ NH478M Tower Silver Metallic
^ NHA27M Billet Silver Metallic
^ NHA29 Arctic White
^ NHA30M Digital Silver Metallic
^ NHA45M Portland Gray Metallic
^ NONE Glacier White Accent Gray
^ NONE Pearl Sierra Green Accent
^ NONE Pearl Royal Magenta Accent
^ P17P Pearl Majestic Purple
^ P20P Pearl Paragon Purple Smokin' Joes Edition
^ P25P Metallic Purple
^ P44P Pearl Chromium Purple (Illusion Blue)
^ P45P Pearl Royal Purple
^ P46 Pearl Lightning Purple
^ P9 Uranus Violet
^ PB123 Pearl Siren Blue Repsol Edition
^ PB127 Candy Aleution Blue
^ PB141 Satellite Blue
^ PB155 Pearl Marlin Blue
^ PB161 Candy Wave Blue
^ PB171 Traditional Blue
^ PB184M Granite Blue Metallic
^ PB192 Dynastic Blue
^ PB210 Indian Lake Blue Metallic
^ PB215C Candy Tahitian Blue
^ PB224 Carmel Blue
^ PB231 Real Blue
^ PB240 Cambridge Blue Metallic
^ PB255M Pearl Coronado Blue
^ PB269 Pearl Sparkling Blue
^ PB304P Pearl Apollo Blue
^ PB308M Pearl Spencer Blue
^ PB317R Denim Blue
^ PB332 Pearl Heron Blue
^ PB346 Candy Lazurite Blue
^ PB356M Nova Blue
^ R101CU Candy Glory Red
^ R107CU Candy Bourgogne Red
^ R109 Passion Red
^ R110 Monza Red
^ R114CU Candy Wineberry
^ R118CU Candy Supreme Red Limited Edition Model
^ R127 Sparkling Red
^ R130 Candy Scorpio Red
^ R134 Fighting Red
^ R150 Candy Raspberry Red
^ R151P Pearl Royal Magenta
^ R157 Italian Red
^ R158P Pure Red Pearl
^ R165 Jolly Red (Salsa)
^ R176C Candy Spectra Red
^ R191 American Red
^ R199C Candy Garnet Red
^ R201 Magna Red
^ R208C Pueblo Red
^ R223 Pearl Sedona Red
^ R237 Somerset Orange
^ R258 Winning Red
^ R259 Pearl Canyon Red (Illusion Red)
^ R260P Pearl Cheyenne Red
^ R271 Pearl Bloody Red (Red Flame)
^ R274 Candy Durango Red
^ R287 Candy Black Cherry (Bloodstone Red)
^ R288 Flared Red
^ R300M Candy Red
^ RP124 Pallette Purple
^ RP166 Kelley Magenta Metallic
^ Y106 Clipper Yellow
^ Y108PA Pearl Splendor Ivory
^ Y124P Pearl Shining Yellow (Factory Variance Col Smokin' Joes Edition
^ Y130P Pearl Hot Rod Yellow
^ Y137M Pearl Ivory Cream
^ Y146 Blaze Yellow
^ Y163P Pearl Flash Yellow
^ Y170M Cyber Gold Metallic
^ Y180 Yellow
^ Y181P Challenger Brown Metallic (Titanium)
^ Y188P Pearl Canyon Copper
^ Y191P Pearl Chapparel Beige
^ YR127M Sunflash Gold Metallic
^ YR127M Valiant Brown Metallic
^ YR134M Camel Beige Metallic
^ YR135 Twilight Beige
^ YR143M Pearly Beige
^ YR149M Martini Beige Metallic
^ YR150 Haze Brown Metallic
^ YR160 Sunrise Yellow
^ YR168M Cinnamon Beige Metallic
^ YR183M Titanium Metallic
^ YR190 Pearl Phoenix Orange
^ YR196 Candy Blaze Orange
^ YR220 Mandarin Orange
^ YR230R Fairy Orange
^ YR232P Pearl Sunburst Orange
^ YR236M Candy Jupiter Orange

Here is another list of Honda Paint codes that may be of interest.

One more website that has the paint and colors for our bikes:

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