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  • What spark plugs do I use in my turbo? Answer - NGK - DPR8EIX-9 (2202) Iridium plug
  • What is the proper engine oil to use in my turbo? Answer - Mobil 1 98JA11 10W-40 Racing 4T Motorcycle Oil for Sport Bikes. Safe for use in wet clutches.
  • What are the largest tires that will fit my turbo? Answer - Front tire 110/90-18 Rear tire 130/90-17. These are the larger than stock but will clear the rear swing arm. Pirelli Sport Demon is a popular brand carrying these sizes and highly recommended.
  • What do I use for a replacement fuel filter? Answer- These are no longer available from Honda. Several uses have found a simple replacement - Part OMC 5032323, SUZUKI 15410-87J10 is a Suzuki/Evinrude filter for marine applications. Do an internet search and you will have a near perfect replacement. You will have to do the following easy mod to complete this. Cut off a small portion of a new 3/8 ID hose. Apply your favorite glass cleaner solution. This is to allow a lubricant that will evaporate when complete and not leave a residue/slippery condition behind. Now, grab your 1/2 ID fuel hose (I used new) and in one quick motion against a solid object, push the large hose over the small. Trim off any extra that didn't make it flush. Now slip it over your new boat motor filter and clamp. Nice clean look - it will never leak. Works every time. See more info and link here. https://motovillage.org/wiki/hondacxgl/index.php?title=Turbo_Fuel_System#Fuel_filter

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