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How to tell the difference between 500 and 650 transmissions

    • This picture shows the differences. Gear ratios are given in (countershaft/mainshaft) format.

NOTE: After I posted that I learned that there are at least 2 variants on the 650 transmission. They all have the same numbers of teeth but the gears are different thicknesses.


Timing chain information:

Information related to the timing chain and its components. Forum thread links discussing the NLA (No Longer Available) chain guide.


Rotor removal and one way starter clutch (Link to CX/GL forum with some good pictures.)

http://australiancx.asn.au/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pid=1578#top_display_media Camshaft durations CX v 500EC

One way to pull the crankshaft cover off the crankshaft:

(Thanks, Moto-Mucci)

Well, it took almost 2 hours to get it off, but we rigged up a puller system using a couple 2 sided box wrenches, some washers, and some starter bolts from the SR250.

While tapping at the cap back and forth and adjusting tension on our puller system, it came out in about 20min. It just took us an hour and a half to think of it...

Resized to 75% (was 600 x 800) - Click image to enlarge


No cranks were hurt in the process.

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