How to replace the front engine cover

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See writeup with photos here;

MotoFaction - replacing the front engine cover on a CX or GL

How to replace the front engine cover, courtesy of Reg from Bristol. Thanks, Reg.

Best practise is get new front cover gasket and o rings for the oil system drop the oil and water remove headers, rad and fan disconnect the clutch cable and oil pressure cable and remove the 8mm headed bolts AS you remove the cover be warned theres a wee ally oil meteing niplle that sits between the cover and the gearbox Note its position and dont lose or forget it ! Also the clutch pusher thing which may drop out

While your in there remove the oil pump and check/clean the strainer and adjust oil pump chain on reassembly The oil system is where its best to renew the related O rings so pay attention to what goes where.

When ithe front cover is back on fill with oil but dont do the cooling system yet connect up the oil light switch crank the motor on the button with kill switch off (we dont want it to start yet) and watch the oil light.. If it goes out after a bt of cranking, youre safe and can carry on with reassembly If it doesnt go out, you've made an error and will have to go back in

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