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The CX starting with the 1981 year was fitted with a Vacuum Actuated Petcock. (information on the GL's petcock years should be added here) This petcock automatically turned on and off fuel flow. When the engine is running vacuum is supplied to the diaphragm in the petcock allowing fuel to flow without the rider having to manually turn the petcock on. When the engine is turned off, vacuum fuel flow is stopped. This is also considered a safety item if the bike was laid down not allowing fuel to flow from the tank.

Some have chosen to convert the Vacuum Actuated Petcock to a manual actuated one. This is done by simply relocating the internal spring. The conversion is done in the following manner:

    • Original Sequence:

1. Cover(with 4 screws) 2. Spring 3. Spring seat 4. 1st Diaphragm 5. Collar 6. Spacer 7. 2nd Diaphragm 8. Fuel Valve

Bypass Sequence: (Please add petcock conversion) (Is there a drawing or picture for this?) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

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