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Rear Wheel Spline Service

Oil Change in Final Drive

Final Drive Alignment

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Honda Final Drive Alignment

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Final Drive Fluids & Grease

    • Grease
    • General Purpose Grease

Grease has several uses on a motorcycle. It's there to protect parts from water, to keep rubber and plastic seals from drying out, and to provide lubrication. Generally speaking, grease is just a reduced fat. In fact, you can find several companies who call their grease bases "soap."

VGrease.jpg  M1Grease.jpg  The choice for a general purpose grease to protect from water, keep seals moist, and provide lubrication is easy. If you're going to do your own maintenance, I recommend you get Mobil-1 or Valvoline synthetic grease for general purposes, about $6 / pound anywhere. This stuff can handle temperatures higher and lower than you'll ever get near. A one pound jar should last you about 15 years.

#GearsShaft Drive Gear Maintenance There are two types of maintenance you must do on a shaft drive bike. At your rear wheel there are pinion gears where the spinning drive shaft motion is turned 90 degrees into the rear wheel motion. These gears are bathed in oil which much be changed after break in, and about every 10,000 miles thereafter. Honda says this gets done the first time at 12,000 miles. Don't believe it. Do it at about 1,000, and when you see what comes out you'll decide to do it again in about 250 miles to flush the rest of the garbage out. Also, a shaft drive bike will have splines on each end of the drive shaft, and on a large ring which transmits the power to the rear wheel. These splines must be lubricated. This is a rather tricky subject, as the lubrication requirements of splines are very different from gears or bearings.

    • Gear Oil
    • The Recommended Synthetic Gear Oils|| AMSGearLube.jpg
Mobil1GearLube.jpg val-synth-gearoil.jpg

AGL 75w 90

Mobil 1

75w 90


75w 90

    • AMSOil AGL sae 75w-90 synthetic gear oil, about $8 / quart.
    • Mobil-1 75w-90 synthetic gear oil, about $8 / quart at Autozone.
    • Valvoline 75w-90 synthetic gear oil, about $8 / quart at Autozone.

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