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    • Fuel tank modifications

[SuperTank build]

Mounting a Standard/Deluxe tank on a Custom Frame

[Tank on a GL500/650]

    • Seat modifications

Information on building a comfortable seat to fit YOU. DIY Motorcycle seat .com

Harley Dyna Wide Glide seat on a Custom [Wide Glide seat on a Custom]

Harley Dyna Wide Glide seat on a Deluxe Dyna Wide Glide seat on a Deluxe/Standard

    • Gauge modifications

78 cx500 Maggot style gauges modified [stock 78/maggot gauges into chrome buckets]

    • Controls modification

Forward Controls

    • Brake modifications

Rear disc brake on a gl500 Spacetiger - 82 GL 500I: Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    • OEM parts that are NLA. (Using other parts/work arounds or looking for salutations. ) What to do? What to do?

CX500 Timing chain guide which is no longer available OEM. What to do threads? st40 Cam Chain Guide Challenge (NLA) p185187fromsearch1#entry185187 Cam chain tensioner and guide Should we as a group get them produced?

    • Mechanical fan to electric:

Sheps Electric fan Conversion from a manual one. Electric Fan Conversion

Upgrade to a Electric Fan

    • Other:

[box removed Battery holder in it's place.]

[Harley Mufflers for your CX/GL]

Ammo Can Saddle Bags

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